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Paradox Lost Redux – Strange, Beautiful, And Bizarre Soundscapes, Drones And Tones

Paradox Lost Redux is a complete overhaul of an earlier release, which was a collection of weird, strange, and dense soundscapes.

One of the things that Beautiful Void Audio wanted to address in with the initial release was that the sounds were not all that playable. They were rather fixed and static. Through reworking the original sound sources, and in many cases actually using the samples from the initial release as a source, Beautiful Void Audio created instruments that are much more playable, but still capture the strange and alluring vibe of the initial release. There is also a wider range of sounds.

paradox main 1
Paradox Lost Redux by Beautiful Void Audio - Strange, Beautiful, And Bizarre Soundscapes, Drones And Tones 2

Paul from Sound Aesthetics Sampling developed a really great engine which also allowed the sounds to be more playable (through random sample start, sample start off-set, and much more).

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Special Pricing

The full price is $20, but it’s 50% off for the next 10 days. Those who’ve purchased the Halflight Sampling Collection on Kontakthub should have received an email with an additional discount code (PARADOX50). This code only works if you’ve purchased the collection previously.

Paradox Lost Redux Features

  • 93 Samples (96khz, 24bit, lossless compression with NCW).
  • 1.13GB (as NCW files) – uncompressed, 1.51GB
  • 130 Snapshots in several different categories.
  • 27 unique and enthralling Multis.
  • 4 unique and strange NKI presets.
    Sounds by Erick McNerney
    Presets by Erick McNerney and Paul Lebküchner.
    Engine and GUI by Paul Lebküchner (Sound Aesthetics Sampling).
  • 47 Samples (44.1khz, 16bit)
  • 659MB uncompressed
  • 48 NKI presets using the free Photosynthesis engine by Exotic States (Jeremiah Pena).
  • The Full Version of Kontakt 5.8.1 is required for this library to function correctly.
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