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Top 5 Orchestral Libraries by Audio Plugin Deals




Top 5 Orchestral Libraries by Audio Plugin Deals

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Top 5 Orchestral Libraries by Audio Plugin Deals

Audio Plugin Deals (ADP) published their Top 5 Orchestral Libraries’ for a film composer key fundamental instruments and tone needed.

Top 5 Orchestral Libraries by Audio Plugin Deals 1
Top 5 Orchestral Libraries by Audio Plugin Deals 3

Audio Plugin Deals Top 5 Orchestral Libraries

No. 1 – Sonuscore Lyrical Violin Phrases (Affiliate Link)
Along with its companion libraries “Lyrical Cello Phrases” (Affiliate Link) and “Lyrical Vocal Phrases” (Affiliate Link), are astonishingly helpful phrase-based libraries for attaching a human feeling to your compositions. Not only do they feature a TON of phrases, in any key and many different scales and styles, they include a legato instrument as well for writing your own melodies and phrases. These phrases can easily be the secret sauce to pushing your compositions to the next level.

No. 2 – Harmonic Subtones Emotional Cello by Best Service (Affiliate Link) is a super deep-sampled cello library, the playability, sound, and versatility of this library are on another level. Starring an extensive amount of articulations and playing styles, and a wonderfully realistic legato that can do anything from slow, powerful lines to active and agile virtuoso playing. This instrument is an ADP favorite solo cello on the market currently. While ADP loves other libraries such as Cinesamples Tina Guo Cello Legato, this library is far more versatile and flexible in what it allows you to play and sounds just as realistic.

No. 3 – Sonuscore Origins (Affiliate Link) series
The Origins  (Affiliate Link) series by Sonuscore feature beautifully sampled plucked and hammered string instruments, but the real magic lies in the arpeggiator which adds life and movement to your chord progressions and adds processing and effects while still maintaining a natural, acoustic sound. ADP loves this series for adding a natural “synth style” sequence/arp to an orchestral production where synths would be out of place.

No. 4 – Impact Soundworks Orchestral Bundle (Affiliate Link)
Featuring a ridiculous amount of content, here APD used the following: Rhapsody Orchestral Colors, Furia Staccato Strings, and Vocalisa (Slavic Women’s Choir). The Rhapsody Orchestral Colors series is excellent for sketching and ensemble/chord-based patches, as well as clusters, effects, and other more atonal articulations. You get the whole string, brass, and woodwind section mapped across your keyboard for easily sketching out ideas quickly. Furia Staccato Strings ADP used for a more aggressive short string sound, and the Vocalisa Choir has a beautiful, unique tone that really cuts through a mix and in some ways is superior to a more traditional, classical symphonic choir.

No. 5 – Soundiron Insane Bundle (Affiliate Link): Another huge bundle, for this track I used the amazing Venus Women’s Choir and Steel Tones. The Venus choir has some of the best legato ADP has ever heard, buttery creamy and flowing and adds a ton of realism and depth to the track, even used sparingly. The choir is huge in content and I only use one articulation, so it’s worth checking out other demos to see all it has to offer. ADP used Steel Tones to add some percussive/metallic texture to the track, which just adds depth and “ear candy” and a bit of texture.

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