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Trippy Techno by UNDRGRND

Trippy Techno (Affiliate Link) by UNDRGRND is all about Dark, driving and dangerous techno for trippy Trax! Explore the outer reaches of underground techno with this collection of powerful beats, hypnotic and heavy bass, undulating angular synths and twisted textures in this 750MB sample pack.

Trippy Techno by UNDRGRND 5
UNDRGRND Sounds – Trippy Techno – Full Demo

Drum Loops > Relentless four-to-the-floor rhythms and raw breakbeat hybrids. 75 x 24-bit drum loops spanning full beats and individual stems at 127bpm.

UNDRGRND Sounds – Trippy Techno – Beats Demo

Arpeggio Loops > Psychedelic, dystopian and dynamic arpeggio loops rendered from hardware and digitally processed for totally trippy tones.

Bass Loops > Beefy syncopated mono-synth riffs, fat sub drops and sequenced techno bass. Key- and tempo-labelled at 127bpm.

Trippy Techno by UNDRGRND 6

FX Loops > Trippy risers, deep impacts and immersive FX – all tempo-synced for ease of use.

Kick Loops > The essential foundation for any track: sub and kick-drum pairings designed for instant punch and tweaked low-end response.

One-Shots > Build custom beats with ease: kits, kicks, hats, percussion and snare one-shots give you all you need for powerful techno beat production.

Synth Loops > Raw analogue riffs, angular motifs and intriguing polysynth sequences inject melodic depth to any track. All key- and tempo-labelled at 127bpm. 

UNDRGRND Sounds – Trippy Techno – Melodics Demo

Textures > Murky industrial textures and melodic beds ideal for adding depth and detail to your tracks.

Trippy Techno by UNDRGRND 7

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