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Pharmaceutical Movie Clips by Industrial Strength

+You Must Be Over 18 To Buy This Pack +

You must be over 18 years to get Pharmaceutical Movie Clips (Affiliate Link) or try and convince your mom to buy this for you. No, but seriously, you need to be 18 and over. No exceptions.

The content provided has been sorted thru and does not contain any offensive samples that are directed to any one or any one group of people. It’s comical and pretty hardcore at the same time.

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4 PMC 1000 X 512WEB
Pharmaceutical Movie Clips by Industrial Strength 4

Pharmaceutical Movie Clips offers up some thee best drug propaganda films know to man and then some. These 100% License Free Movie Clips are geared up for Drum-n-Bass, Acid Techno, Acid House, Techno, House, Breaks, Hard Techno, Hip Hop, Rock Music, Cross breed, Industrial, Horror and of course Hardcore.

Industrial Strength sampled a Huge Lazar Light System at one of the festivals that Mr Lenny Dee was playing at. The sound this monster system makes is never heard while the music is on, or probably ever,

ISR_Pharmaceutical Movie Clips_Demo_1

Who knows? The sounds it makes are crazy. Industrial Strength added that to this pack. Industrial Strength felt it is great addition to mangle up with the Medical Machines. If you’re sound designer, that might be worth having.

5 PMC 300 X 250
Pharmaceutical Movie Clips by Industrial Strength 5

We also included a Huge bonus folder of our other License Free Vocal Pack to juice this pack even more. Not Bad hey. This pack offers 1.34 GB of pure 24 Bit Audio. There is no telling what you can come up with.

Really, you can really make some crazy stuff with this sample pack. If you do Youtube videos. These samples can be used with no fuss. Check the contains list for more info. Have fun with this one. We did while making it. That much i can say.

+You Must Be Over 18 To Buy This Pack +

7 PMC 628 x 75
Pharmaceutical Movie Clips by Industrial Strength 6

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