Vermona Random Rhythm Sequencer by Softube

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 23 April 2020
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Softube Vermona Random Rhythm Introductory Sale

Vermona Random Rhythm (Affiliate Link) module is a random-based dual-channel trigger sequencer, built for Softube’s legendary Modular ecosystem. Save 25% off (Affiliate Link) for a Limited Time only.

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Vermona Random Rhythm Sequencer by Softube 3

The Vermona Random Rhythm module is somehow like a Frankenstein’s monster: robustly built with a passionate soul—but also, good-looking. Created in collaboration with German-based Vermona, whose musical heritage producing amplifiers and organs date back decades, Random Rhythm is an exacting model of the original random-based, dual-channel trigger sequencer hardware. This product is an expansion for Softube Modular (Affiliate Link).

Vermona Random Rhythm Sequencer by Softube
Vermona Random Rhythm Sequencer by Softube 4

Softube and Vermona’s Random Rhythm is a blast to play with, with its two rhythm sections housing four sliders apiece that can influence the probability of what will appear in the generated pattern. Building upon the original hardware features,
Softube added software exclusives to Random Rhythm that enable saving presets and the states within the session. A formerly arduous process — creating complex, previously undiscoverable rhythms — is now not just simple, but also a thoroughly imaginative endeavor. Vermona’s musical legacy goes back decades with the production of amplifiers and organs. The Vermona Random Rhythm sequencer is emblematic of the innovative thinking that has given the company true staying power within the industry. Softube is proud to have worked in collaboration with Vermona to create the fully endorsed Random Rhythm plugin available for Softube Modular.

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