Leviathan Hybrid Trailer by Looptone

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 29 April 2020
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Leviathan Hybrid Trailer by Looptone

Leviathan Hybrid Trailer (Affiliate Link) by Looptone

Your new go-to sample library Leviathan Hybrid Trailer (Affiliate Link) for epic-scale trailer soundtrack production, Leviathan Hybrid Trailer (Affiliate Link) combines orchestral and electronic sound design techniques to achieve the cutting-edge presentation demanded by today’s media content industry and audience.

Leviathan Hybrid Trailer by Looptone 4
Looptone- Leviathan-Hybrid trailer demo

This stunning 1GB+ library has every supersized cinematic angle covered, from portentous ensemble drum assaults and aerated percussion lines, through ominous brass swells and dramatic strings, to pulsating basslines, animated arps and cyclopean synth edifices. Leviathan Hybrid Trailer (Affiliate Link) is an expansive collection that blurs the lines between acoustic and synthetic while maintaining a consistent and evocative ‘widescreen’ theme throughout. And with many of the loops running to well over 30 seconds in length, there’s endless variation and nuance to be discovered and exploited within each one.

Leviathan Hybrid Trailer by Looptone 5

A wealth of high-impact one-shots is included, too, providing effortless starting points for your own heavyweight sampler patches. These take in carefully processed stabs, falls and more, using the same instrument types as the loops – drums, percussion, brass, strings, synths, etc – as well as FX and a set of seismic ‘BigCombi Hits’ that layer multiple simultaneous elements for enormous, frequency-filling impacts.

Leviathan Hybrid Trailer (Affiliate Link) is aimed at anyone looking to evoke that modern trailer sound, be it for actual soundtrack scoring or as a flavor enhancer in dance and pop production. Whether you’re after a textural scene-setter for future bass, a deep, saturated drum groove to underpin a half-time DnB roller, or a mood-altering string pluck for your next grime workout, Looptone’s unique offering is a sonic resource of endless inspirational potential.

Leviathan Hybrid Trailer by Looptone 6

In detail, the pack contains 1.06GB of content, comprising 330 audio files in pristine 24-bit stereo WAV format

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