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HISSandaROAR Releases SCAFFOLDING – a New Metal Sonic Playground

Tim Prebble (Field Recordist/Sound Designer/Composer/Cat Herder/Crustifarian) of HISSandaROAR did released a new foley and sound library for the professional sound designer.

While musicians relish playing their instrument, gaining access to a new sonic playground for a sound FX recordist is a heavenly joy! So it was a pleasure to eventually find a scaffolding company that was open to collaborating and who had a workshop in a quiet location for recording. Along with wrangling individual scaffolding props, the guys also agreed to build a small structure for me, at a pace that allows room for sound editing. The result of the recording and mangling was SCAFFOLDING by HISSandaROAR.

Captured 24bit 96kHz this library is invaluable for practical scaffolding sound effects but also contains a multitude of unique metal sounds.w

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The HISSandaROAR Industrial Ambiences library contains great ensemble scaffolding sounds from a large scale building site at Victoria University. Inspired by this existing library HISSandaROAR wanted to specific assemble and disassembly sounds and the guys were great at building a small structure for me and manipulating individual components.

Unlike the heavy-duty industrial scaffolding, the recorded frame is more like a series of tent poles used when camping – by comparison lightweight, but with interesting resonance. You find these recordings in the second part of the library.

The resulting sound library will be an invaluable asset for practical sound effects editing, expanding your metal sound library with unique props, actions, and weights, as well as more abstract uses.

Special Pricing

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