IK Multimedia Releases Custom iRig® ASIO® Drivers

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 15 June 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

IK Multimedia Releases Custom iRig® ASIO® Drivers

IK Multimedia has released custom ASIO drivers that are designed to offer multiple performance enhancements for their digital iRig products when used with Windows computers. With the release of the new audio drivers, IK Multimedia aims to improve the user experience for digital their iRig products.

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With more musicians than ever relying on iRig products, these new audio drivers reflect IK’s commitment to offering the best possible performance for Windows computers, offering key improvements in connectivity, processing, and latency.

Optimized iRig performance

Many iRig products offer connectivity to computers as well as smartphones and tablets. Now, Windows users can benefit from the highly optimized performance, including a more stable connection, smoother audio processing, and a higher level of control over latency.

These new custom drivers are compatible with iRig products that provide USB connectivity. To check compatibility, users can look for the ASIO logo on their product’s page on the IK Multimedia website or consult IK’s new ASIO FAQ section.

These new drivers make it easier than ever for users to practice, record, collaborate and stream with all today’s most popular music services, on any device, with superior performance and convenience.

About iRig products

iRig is IK Multimedia’s acclaimed series of music creation tools for use with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac/PC. It includes interfaces, microphones, controllers, practice amps, and more, for a wide variety of studio, live, and broadcast applications.


The new custom ASIO drivers are available for free to all registered iRig product owners and can be downloaded from their User Area at www.ikmultimedia.com/userarea

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