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Hy2rogen – Bass House For Serum by Hy2rogen




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Hy2rogen – Bass House For Serum by Hy2rogen

Following the previous sample pack Bass House Drops(Affiliate Link), HY2ROGEN (Affiliate Link) has brought to life 100 lock & load handcrafted presets for one of the most popular and widely used virtual synthesizers – Serum.

Hy2rogen – Bass House For Serum by Hy2rogen 5

It’s been a while since HY2ROGEN produced some brand new presets over here at HY2ROGEN and now they are back to take your tracks to the next level and punish your speakers with this massive bad boy collection of presets that can find it’s way into the bass house, wobble, g-house, big room, hybrid trap, and even dubstep duties.

hy2rogen bhfs futurehouse edm electro 628x75 1
Hy2rogen – Bass House For Serum by Hy2rogen 6

From something like Don Diablo’s Hexagon in your face drops to Skrillex’s OWSLA label sound HY2ROGEN (Affiliate Link) got it covered in Hy2rogen – Bass House For Serum(Affiliate Link). This powerhouse comes equipped with 100 bass presets that can be molded to your liking with a pinch of a button, turning almost every bass stab into a wobbly, LFO-ed, and dubstep like a partner in crime.

All of the bass sounds used in the audio demo are from this preset collection and are a mere fraction of what you can do with them. The pack also contains recreations of popular sounds.

Hy2rogen – Bass House For Serum by Hy2rogen 7

Please note: This collection requires Xfer Serum v.1284 or higher!

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