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AE Modular goes DIY for Superbooth@home 2020




AE Modular goes DIY for Superbooth@home 2020

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AE Modular goes DIY for Superbooth@home 2020

AE Modular is Introducing the BRAEDBOARD Module and DIY Kit


AE Modular Braedboad setup
AE Modular goes DIY for Superbooth@home 2020 6

The BRAEDBOARD (no typo!) contains a breadboard area for solderless electronics prototyping so you can experiment with any kind of analog or digital electronics and make your first steps into electronics, starting with simple circuits for beginners to developing your own module.

  • The left sockets make all bus signals available (CV, Gate, control, MIDI strt/stop/clock) and can be patched directly from here into your circuit
  • The leftmost row of the upper breadboard (the red one) is connected to +5V
  • The leftmost row of the lower breadboard (the black one) is connected to ground
  • The right sockets contain two units of the usual output resistor of 1k

BRAEDBOARD Module Contains

  • The module itself, completely assembled
  • A bunch of breadboard wires
  • Resistors (10 of each): 1k, 4,7k, 10k, 47k, 100k
  • Capacitors (5 of each): 1nF, 10nF, 100nF
  • Electrolytic capacitors (2 of each): 10uF, 100uF
  • 10 diodes 1N4148
  • 10 LEDs red
  • 2 transistors NPN (BC547)
  • 2 transistors PNP (BC557)
  • 2 MCP602 Dual Op-Amp
  • 2 NE555 classic timer/oscillator chip
  • 2 CD4017 counter
  • 2 CD4051 analog switches
  • 2 CD40106 Schmitt triggers/inverters
  • Plugin-board with 2 potentiometers 50k
  • 5 tactile switches
AE Modular Braedboad
AE Modular goes DIY for Superbooth@home 2020 7

DIY kit

The DIY kit for AE Modular contains all necessary parts to make an AE style module out of your circuit.

AE Modular DIY Module
AE Modular goes DIY for Superbooth@home 2020 8

The DIY kit requires basic soldering skills; also, you should have the usual tools available for making an electronics board, like soldering station, wire cutter, small pliers, etc.

It contains PCB, front panel, three potentiometers/switches/LEDs, patch sockets, and all mechanical parts. The Kit is designed as a 2-PCB-layer module: The upper PCB carries the pots, switches, etc. and the lower part is a stripboard/perf board where you can solder your circuit.

The connection between both PCBs is made by two multi-pin connectors that make all items on the top PCB accessible at the lower one. So you have some free space for the components of your circuit and can directly connect them here to the according to pins of the control elements.

The PCB for your circuit is included in two versions: First, a stripboard version with +5V and ground in the center, and a perfboard with simple solderpads in 2.54mm grid.

The front panel has prepared cutouts for all items and you can easily break out the ones you effectively need for your module.

AE Modular DIY Module
AE Modular goes DIY for Superbooth@home 2020 9

What is next for AE Modular: QUANTIZER & VCADSR are being made ready for production runs and will be released in a few week’s time. Later SWITCHMATRIX 4×4 and FELIQUENCER are scheduled for release.SAMPLE PLAYER, DRONE63, TRIP, MIXCONSOLE, and CVBANK are as well in development.

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