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Budapest Abstract Marimba Kontakt Instrument by Karanyi Sounds




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Budapest Abstract Marimba Kontakt Instrument by Karanyi Sounds

Contemporary sounding Budapest Marimba designed for creating fast sequences and inspiring tremolo beds for contemporary sound production. Unlike traditional marimba libraries, Karanyi focused on transient rich, bright sounds and they also added some synth and ambiance sublayers to fit in any genre from electronic, jazz to film score. Budapest Abstract Marimba (Affiliate Link) is available now.

In Collaboration with Nandor Weisz

Nandor Weisz percussionist is graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, Germany. Currently, he is a percussionist at the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra for over twenty years now – the symphonic orchestra led by the world-famous pianist, composer and conductor Zoltán Kocsis. Weisz is one of the most prominent figures of the Hungarian music scene with decades of experience playing classical music, jazz, and even electronic music.

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Budapest Abstract Marimba Details

  • 6+1 Articulations: 6 marimba articulations with soft, medium, hard sticks + an additional brush layer
  • 3 Mic Positions: Transient rich sampling with close (1x Shure SM57) + mid mic (2x AT35) positions
  • Synths & FX: Add a subtle weight or extra character with analog synth layers, tape, dimension and space effects
  • Pro Sound: Recorded in Budapest, performed by Nandor Weisz, percussionist of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra
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Budapest Abstract Marimba Instruments & Short Samples

Pure Hits & Tremolo Beds – Adams Concert Marimba sampled in a dry studio enviroment in Budapest:

  • Traditional techniques
  • 6 different hit & tremolo instruments played with soft, medium, hard sticks, hands and brush
  • 4 velocity layers from pianissimo to forte
  • 6 octaves / instruments
  • 17 GUI controls including Instrument Switch, Attack-Decay Control, Room Mix adjustment, EQ presets, Tape, Chorus, Reverb and Master Compressor
  • Recorded with 2 x AT35 (Mid Mix) + Shure SM57 (Close Mix) on Universal Audio Apollo X
  • All GUI elements are MIDI learnable

Special Pricing

Budapest Abstract Marimba (Affiliate Link) Kontakt Instrument by Karanyi Sounds is available now at a special price.

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