Library Spotlight – LA Drama Drums (LADD)

  • By: Cory Pelizzari
  • Date: Thursday, 7 May 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Library Spotlight – LA Drama Drums (LADD)

At the most basic level, LADD is both multi-sample strikes and audio loops library. Additionally, the LADD engine allows you to instantly recall your saved presets that include Filters, Tuning, Drive, LoFi, Hi-Cut, Low Cut, Transient Masters, EQ, Delays, Reverbs, MorphMaster FX and more.

Cory’s Custom Patches LA Drama Drums

You can find the Custom Patches LA Drama Drums here.

LA Drama Drums (LADD) Features

  • Multi-sampled single strikes and audio loops designed to play together.
  • Multiple mixes (Dry, Stage, Verb, Full) of the single strikes with up to 16 round-robins.
  • 12 mixes (phase accurate mix stems) of all audio loops (designed to be layered or played independently).
  • Unparalleled real-time control of production-ready mixes with simple key switches – no more time wasted on “searching for a different sound!”
  • Pre-produced tracks that you can easily alter in real-time.
  • A simple “Main Page” interface giving you access to the most needed controls.
  • Instantly switch between 12 mixes – ranging from traditional to techno and sound design (and everything in between!).
  • 8 sequences (each with up to 12 tracks, totalling 96 tracks) that are already programmed for you.
  • Record your own sequences on all 8 sequences in real-time or with a mouse.
  • Ride filters in real-time and choose from 5 Step-Filter Tables in real-time.
  • Easily tune any note up to +/- 3 octaves and also give each note independent tuning randomization.
  • Build your own Key FX maps that allow you to alter your patches in new and creative ways with a single key-switch.
  • The real-time playable sequencer dynamics.
  • The ability to load tons of audio loops with a low RAM footprint.
  • Controllable Swing amount with varying options.
  • Input quantize (lock to your DAW or in standalone).
  • Unique humanization features.
  • Morph-able mastering effects preset chains.

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