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The Art Of Filtering by Producertech



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The Art Of Filtering by Producertech

Filters are a hugely important tool in the producer’s collection, whether mixing, sound designing, or adding interest and variation in an arrangement. On this course from Producertech Senior Tutor Rob Jones, you’ll learn all of the basics, as well as a whole host of techniques for applying both static and dynamic filtering to all sorts of sounds in your mix.

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The course The Art Of Filtering by Producertech (Affiliate Link) begins with an overview of the different ways filters are used, followed by a guide to the main filter types and standard controls. Following this is a demonstration of numerous static filtering applied to all of the sounds in the course project, a laid-back Downtempo groove. Once the basics are covered, Rob progresses things into more advanced territory, introducing different types of filter modulation, with envelopes and LFOs. Again, after going through the theory, he switches back to the course project, to show how different dynamic, modulated filtering can be applied to various sounds, explaining the reasons for doing it in the process.

Other techniques covered include controlling filters with external signals using sidechaining, modulating 3rd party plugins with Max 4 Live tools, working with filter pattern software like Cableguys Shaperbox, and lots more. Examples are once again shown both in the course project, as well as a dedicated module on bass processing.

Enrolling on the course The Art Of Filtering by Producertech (Affiliate Link) gets you immediate access to the streamed tutorials, plus all the downloadable materials, with accompanying written notes, software projects, and samples. Additionally, there’s a course assessment, featuring both written questions and listening exercises, to ensure that the information is sinking in and the ears are being technically trained. Sign up now, for access to this wealth of content and to start learning all about filtering today! Or, become a Producertech member to gain access to every course on the site for just a small monthly fee.

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