Diabolic Hardcore by Singomakers

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 5 May 2020
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Diabolic Hardcore by Singomakers

Diabolic Hardcore (Affiliate Link) is the result of Singomaker’s experiences from their Rawstyle bestselling sample packs and inspired by the latest hardcore bangers.

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Inspired by artists such as Angerfist, Digital Punk, Radical Redemption, Tha Playah, Act Of Rage, AniMe, Miss K8, Paul Elstak, Neophyte, and more!

Same as in the previous Hard Dance packs, the producer designed new Hardcore Kicks from scratch, and also saved Toks and Tales separately. This creates an opportunity for you to make your own individual and original hardcore Kick for your tracks!

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With FX Kicks and Kick Rolls – you can diversify your Kick Line (drum part).

In addition to these powerful Contemporary Kick Loops, Singomakers have also made Old School Kick Loops, which are often used to get out of a breakdown before the Drop!

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All epic melodies, have the appropriate MIDI files! In the folder with the vocals you can find Shouts, same as whole phrases and Long Rhymes.

18+ Alert! Our MC, a participant of many hardcore events, was very emotional and did not hesitate in expressions! (Lyrics included in pack).

In addition, Diabolic Hardcore (Affiliate Link) includes screeches created with Virus TI2 and Serum (Serum patches are provided in the pack too).

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