Prime Loops’ 2.3GB Afro Bundle

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Saturday, 9 May 2020
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Prime Loops’ 2.3GB Afro Bundle

Afro Bundle (Affiliate Link) includes over 2GB of The Best Afro Sample Packs from Prime Loops, Bundled up, and at a reduced and special Price.

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Prime Loops' 2.3GB Afro Bundle 2

Afro Bundle includes 5 Packs

Afrobeats (Affiliate Link)
This fresh Afrobeats sample pack fuses trap-tinted Pop with afro-inspired Chords, Melodies and Rhythms, including ultra-melodic Marimba patterns, topped-up with pitched vocal loops and so much more!

Afrobeats 2 (Affiliate Link)
Taking things up a notch with a diverse selection of dance-floor-ready sounds… this modern sample pack fuses Nigerian-inspired percussions, tropical melodies with trap drums, and pop vocals with afro-basslines for that authentic African sound you simply can’t find elsewhere!

Afro Pop (Affiliate Link)
Prime Loops’ very latest Afrobeats Sample Pack “Afro Pop” delivers 234 loops and one-shots; featuring groovy Afrobeats Basslines, melodic Chord Loops, club-ready Drum Loops, rhythmic Percussion Loops, spicy Drum Fills, blissed-out Guitar Licks, melodic Lead Loops, uplifting Vocal Loops and plenty of instrumental and percussive One Shots!

Afro Soul Melodies (Affiliate Link)
This pack oozes warmth and inspiration; with these melodic loops delivering a serious dose of Soulful Afrobeat vibes to any production. They will spark inspiration for your next track or add a glistening layer to finish off and refine your track!

Deep Afro (Affiliate Link)
Floating Tropical synth melodies and atmospheric chord stabs meet with Afrobeat percussion and deep Basslines to create genre-defying sounds tied together with a modern, Future-style production aesthetic that gels everything together and keeps everything right up-to-date!

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