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Slammin Big Room Techno by 5Pin Media





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Slammin Big Room Techno by 5Pin Media

5Pin Media invites you to treat your productions to a phat chunk of Slammin Big Room Techno (Affiliate Link) energy and excitement – Here we go!   

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Drawing inspiration from heavyweights such as Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens, Regal, Thomas Schumacher, Radio Slave and Pig & Dan to name a few, Slammin Big Room Techno captures the true essence and sonics of the current BR Techno scene in unprecedented detail ready for your DAW.  

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Slammin Big Room Techno (Affiliate Link) comes loaded with 413 Loops, 130 One-Shots, 60 MIDI files, and 30 Sampler Instruments in 6 major sampler formats plus Apple and Acidized WAV loop formats on offer. For more detail see the “Tech Specs” below.

5Pin Media’s sample collections are constructed to provide the best value and maximum flexibility so that producers won’t run out of ideas and can apply their own signature sound to their productions.   

All sample content 100% royalty free.

Key Features

  • Broken down drum loops for “mix n match” flexibility.
  • Musical key information provided for all bass/music loops and one-shots.
  • Live 10, Kontakt 3+, Battery 3+, EXS24, NNXT, Halion and SFZ Sampler formats.
  • WAV, Apple, and MIDI Loop formats.
  • Live 10+ Pack available.
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