Alpine Volksmusik 2 by Best Service

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 5 April 2022
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Alpine Volksmusik 2 is the independent sequel to the popular Alpine Volksmusik Library, offering 42 unique folk and brass music patches. The library covers all the instruments you need for the authentic production of Swiss Folk Music, Austrian Stubenmusik, and German Marching Music.

All instruments were carefully recorded and offer different articulations that can be key switched to deliver authentic sounds. The interface of the library provides an easy way to customize the sound of the instruments. In addition to the standard controls volume, pan, and reverb, each instrument/patch has its own parameters.

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Alpine Volksmusik 2 by Best Service

Alpine Volksmusik 2 can be used in many ways. Are you a singer or instrumental soloist and would like to arrange your own pieces? Do you need half-playbacks for your performances? Do you want to supplement live studio recordings with additional sounds?

Do you need pre-production for a guest musician? With Alpine Volksmusik 2 you can do all this and more with ease. With the excellent instruments of this library you can arrange well-known and new songs in your composition software according to your own needs and wishes in high quality.


Alpine Volksmusik 2 is available as of now for € 169. With the release of version 2, the sales price of Alpine Volksmusik (1) has been reduced to € 169. Owners of one of these two libraries can purchase a Crossgrade for only € 99 to the respective other versions.

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