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RedVerb 2 (Affiliate Link) is a versatile reverb plugin that ships with thousands of top of class preset. It’s a hybrid engine and well thought out user interface enables intuitive adjustment of all sonic aspects. Classic, modern, experimental.

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RedVerb 2’s built-in eight band multi-model EQ and spectrum analyzer allow for precision sound shaping. Gently boost the high frequencies of the side-band to give the reverb more air. Cut the low-end to get rid of rumble while still preserving the sonic characteristics. Subtly attenuate room resonances for an effortless sound – or crank up all dials to eleven for creative sound shaping.

Easy Position Control

Easily place your elements in the mix. No need to fiddle with dry/wet and pan knobs. Parameters that are not preset specific can be locked so that your settings don’t get lost when you switch sounds.

RedVerb 2 by Schulz Audio
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Batteries Included!

RedVerb 2 ships with more than 1300 boutique factory preset. The preset browser makes browsing the right sound a breeze. Narrow down the sound with a partial tag search. The 3D waterfall display provides a quick glimpse at the characteristics of the reverb.

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RedVerb 2 ships with thousands of high-quality preset waiting to be customized via the beautiful all-vector UI. RedVerb 2 also breathes new live into all your existing impulse responses. Just drag them into the window and start turning those beautiful knobs!

RedVerb 2 Features

  • Available as VST, AU, and AAX (Pro Tools) and stand-alone
  • More than 1300 factory presets
  • Preset browser
  • High quality, high-performance hybrid reverb engine
  • Runs on macOS & Windows
  • 32 bit & 64 bit Host support

Special Pricing

RedVerb 2 (Affiliate Link) is available.

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