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Mosaic Voices Review by Heavyocity

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Heavyocity Mosaic Voices Sale

Mosaic Keys (Affiliate Link) and Mosaic Voices (Affiliate Link) targets professional composers who are working Ad, film, and gaming scores. Producing music both libraries are an excellent addition to your loops and samples. Expectations in the composer’s community are always high when Heavyocity releases a new unique cinematic instrument and sound library. Mosaic Keys and Mosaic Voices are the first two initial Kontakt libraries part of the launched Mosaic Series by Heavyocity.

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With Mosaic Voices (Affiliate Link) you have access to male and female singers in one library. You can really use them as a human singer and take the vibe into a hybrid – perfect for modern trailer composing. Creating hybrid textures or ambiances is very easy, the produced staccato lines are really shining and are great.

Mosaic Voices Review by Heavyocity
Mosaic Voices Review – by Heavyocity

Made for Kontakt Player, Mosaic Voices is a re-envisioning of the human voice, with organic male and female choirs, synthesized vocal pads, and intricate noise and drone layers. See also our review Mosaic Keys & Mosaic Voices Review – by Heavyocity to learn more about the library.

Mosaic Keys Details:

  • Kontakt 6 (Player) or later
  • Komplete Kontrol integrated (NKS-ready)
  • 130 Snapshot Presets
    • 80 Hybrid (45 Playable, 25 Rhythmic, 10 ARP)
    • 50 Organic (25 Playable, 10 Rhythmic, 20 ARP)
  • 160 Sound Sources
    • 60 Clone Voices
    • 40 Human Voices
    • 40 Hybrid Voices
    • 20 Synth Beds

About Heavyocity

Heavyocity is a collective of pro composers and sound designers with a mission to create world-class virtual instruments for today’s modern composer and sound designer. The philosophy of our music software company is simple: Provide cutting edge, inspiring instruments, and sounds that supercharge creativity, formatting them in ways that enhance productivity. Composers under time pressure face the challenge with so many “all-encompassing” virtual instruments on the market. Screening through thousands of patches disrupts the creative process. One of the main goals of Heavyocity is to provide those perfect “go-to” signature elements quickly and effectively.

Special Pricing

Save an exclusive 50% off on Mosaic Voices (Affiliate Link) and buy now for £54.95 / $59, for a very limited time only.

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