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MatrixBrute Update – Enhanced MIDI and DAW support

Years after MatrixBrute was released, MatrixBrute still stands strong as one of the greatest synths ever made, and has been upgraded with a comprehensive firmware update.

When updating to version 2.0, your MatrixBrute presets will be automatically converted to the 2.0 format. Arturia advises you to backup your presets before updating your MatrixBrute.


  • Sleep mode/Screen saver
  • MatrixBrute now automatically goes to sleep mode when staying idle.
  • Song position pointer handling
  • MatrixBrute sequencer can now start and follow accurately the DAW playback position.
  • Maintained MIDI clocks
  • Incoming MIDI clocks processing is now maintained even if MatrixBrute’s sequencer is stopped.
  • Filtered MIDI Loopback
  • The voice parameters are now filtered in case of MIDI loops to avoid UI freezes.
  • Enhanced duo split
  • Duo split has been improved to work better in conjunction with the glide and the sequencer.
  • Reworked Library
  • Reworked 2.0 Factory Library to prevent presets using the delay effect from self oscillating.
  • Bug fixes
  • The update also brings various bug fixes and improvements. For more details, check out the release notes.
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