Metagrid 1.5 adds Smooth UX/UI, Content sharing, Support for Ableton Live, and Dorico, OmniSpace

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 15 May 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

METAGRID- Advanced Grid-based Controller For iPad

Metagrid 1.5 – an extensive update that brings many helpful features and enhancements that take the app to the next level of user experience and usability. The developer hopes that Metagrid will become even more useful in your creative workspace.

Metagrid 1.5 features a new streamlined view/button/action editors that hugely enhance creating custom workspaces. And thanks to over 1500 new beautiful icons including over 400 music notation icons based on the Bravura font, Metagrid will perfectly blend in any creative environment.

Metagrid 1.5 Features

• Deep integration with Dorico and Ableton Live
• Import and export buttons, views and view sets through your Dropbox account
• Entire database backup through your Dropbox account
• OmniSpace – the dedicated workspace that doesn’t respond to changing applications in focus on your computer
• Manual connection setup option through QR code scanning

About Metagrid

Metagrid is an elegant and intuitive solution for iPad that enables you to control any application on your Mac/PC through Wifi or USB connection. Each button can be assigned with powerful macros consisting of keyboard shortcuts and MIDI messages. Metagrid is deeply integrated with popular DAW applications like Cubase, Logic Pro X and Ableton Live giving you access to thousands of DAW-related commands right on your iPad.

Unlike many controller applications, Metagrid can be fully customised to meet the needs of any PC/Mac user. It has become the controller of choice for many composers, musicians and video editors, making their work more efficient, faster and more enjoyable. With Metagrid, selecting the solo violin track in your large orchestral project or adding a frequently used phrase to your email is just a finger tap away.


Metagrid 1.5 is a free update for the existing users, available in the iOS App Store.

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