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Polyend launches Limited Edition Black Medusa

Polyend launches Limited Edition Black Medusa a hybrid synth with minimalistic front panel facelift and major firmware update.

The Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer is a fruit of a collaboration between Dreadbox and Polyend companies. It has emerged from both teams unusual approach to integrating analog and digital domains into a totally new quality. The innovative way of connecting a classic synthesis character with the digital versatility and unique musical controller brings out the best of these two worlds. Seems like a simple addition, but this fusion brings something that has never been available before.

As acknowledged by the tasteful Dreadbox & Polyend Hybrid Synthesizer ‘subtitle’ set across the Limited Edition Black Medusa’s matt black anodized aluminum front panel — perfectly matching all previous Polyend products — as part of a minimalistic graphic layout letting the Polish company’s distinctive design aesthetics mature, Medusa was originally developed in close collaboration with Greek boutique analog synthesizers and effects manufacturer Dreadbox as a symbiosis of classic synthesis characteristics and a unique digital controller.

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Creatively including six oscillators — three (voltage-controlled) Analog and three Digital (with Wave Table) option — and a multimode analog FILTER with L2 (2-pole low-pass), L4 (four-pole low-pass), and HP (one-pole high-pass) settings (based on Dreadbox’s Erebus duophonic analog synthesizer) alongside a 64-step sequencer (inheriting the DNA of Polyend’s Seq) and an 8 x 8 grid of pressure-sensitive pads to play the synthesizer and program the sequencer was — and remains — a beautiful combination.


The Limited Edition Black Medusa comes complete with an alternative set of colored knobs (with which users can optionally replace the standard black ones as an added visual aid) and is available to purchase through Polyend’s growing global network of authorized dealers at an MSRP of €699 EUR/$799 USD. Or order online directly from Polyend itself.

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