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The enhanced Tablas 2.0 upgrade comes with an arsenal of new features and a highly-customizable GUI that allows you to shape the live performance phrases in your own way.

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Tablas 2.0 – HAND PERCUSSION MADE SIMPLE by SoundIron 4

You’ll also find a broad set of special effects, tuned melodic programs and mutations, as well as a mighty set of brand new ambient drones, pads, and soundscapes crafted and sculpted from the heavily manipulated raw source recordings. Tablas is perfect for soundtracks, production music and much more. It’s made for the full version of Kontakt 5.8+

Tablas Downloader
Tablas 2.0 – HAND PERCUSSION MADE SIMPLE by SoundIron 5

Tablas is a deeply multi-sampled percussion library with a wide choice of live energetic performance phrases. The tabla is a popular Indian percussion instrument used in the classical, popular and devotional music of the Indian subcontinent and in Hindustani classical music. The instrument consists of a pair of hand drums of contrasting sizes and timbres. SoundIron worked with tabla master and jazz percussionist Sameer Gupta to capture a range of tabla rhythm, melody, and soul. Sameer has been a student and practitioner in the art of percussion for over 30 years, traveling the world to study and perform in some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and venues.

Tablas 2.0 Specs

  • Two master NKI instrument banks in open Kontakt format
  • 3,703 Stereo Samples
  • 3.53 GB installed
  • 24 bit / 48 kHz uncompressed PCM wav samples
  • 20 Custom Sound-Designed FX and Ambient presets
  • Unlocked Kontakt presets and wav samples to allow user customization
  • Complete collection of multi-samples and multi-tempo loops
  • 20 handcrafted ambiances created from the source content
  • Flexible and intuitive multi-layer user interface controls, with LFO, filter, glide, and arpeggiator
  • Full FX rack with convolution reverb with custom rooms, halls, chambers & FX environments

The Tablas Loops preset contains over 1,350 loops ranging from 70 bpm to 165 bpm. The built-in loop browser lets you quickly preview loops, filter your search by tempo and you can even start your favorite loops for instant recall. Once you load your loops into the slot grid, you can tweak each loop down to the individual transient slice with playback direction, tempo-sync or beat-mode, normal timing, ½-Time or double-time, slice order, ADSR and custom step-automation sequencing for volume, pitch, pan, filter cutoff and resonance parameters that you can freely draw with your mouse. This special preset also gives you unique effects for each loop slot, featuring Bus Comp., Distortion, EQ, Limiter, Lo-Fi, Rotator, Saturation, Stereo Modeler, Transient Master, and Delay and Reverb Sends.

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