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Loopcloud Sounds

Loopcloud Sounds is a web interface to the Loopcloud sounds, personally I think that it is a great step as it gives me an alternative to the Loopcloud App. Loopcloud (Affiliate Link) is the software platform that allows you to search over 4 million royalty-free samples, loops, and instruments.

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Loopcloud Sounds (Affiliate Link) is available for existing subscribers, Loopmasters customers, and new users looking to experience Loopcloud for the first time. Create your personal sample library from 4 million samples and loops with over half a million new sounds added annually, Loopcloud Sounds is your online source for inspiration.

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New to Loopcloud?

Explore 4 million unique sounds through intuitive search to inspire your music production, experience a sample of what Loopcloud Sounds (Affiliate Link) has to offer. 

Current Loopcloud Customer?

Already have a (Affiliate Link) account? – Explore 4 million sounds, preview, and download any sound from your entire back catalog of purchases from (Affiliate Link).

Existing Loopcloud user? – All of the above, plus browse your entire Loopcloud library, including personal cloud storage. Sounds purchased or added to favorites will be synchronized with the Loopcloud app, ready for when you’re in the studio.

With the launch of the Loopcloud Sounds (Affiliate Link) website, everyone can now search the entire Loopcloud library on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop device. Find the sound you want, whenever inspiration comes, download it or save it to favourites ready for when you work on your next production. 

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When you are ready to go deeper, Loopcloud’s award-winning sample management software automatically syncs with your DAW allowing you to search and audition sounds in perfect time and key with your music, and add your own sound library which is automatically tagged for you.

With so many sounds, intuitive search, a loop editor, effects rack and plugin suite at your fingertips, Loopcloud complements your creativity and inspires originality.

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