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Minimal Deep Tech by HouseOfLoop

Minimal Deep Tech (Affiliate Link) sample pack features an extensive collection of drum and synth loops, as well as one-shots and single samples ready to be implemented in your production. Because there is so much quality content on tap, customizing sounds is easy and you could come up with some exciting new ideas by layering samples, using creative effects, and more.

This sample pack Minimal Deep Tech (Affiliate Link) is ideal for deep tech, minimal tech, and pretty much any music style requiring some forward-thinking sounds that feel modern and crisp, yet warm and dynamic. In addition to the beats, loops, and synth sounds featured on this sample pack, this collection also features some vocal loops, which can be perfect as a starting point for some modern pitch-bending effects, as well as creating some one-of-a-kind aesthetics for your music.


Minimal Deep Tech Specs

  • 30 BASS LOOP 124 
  • 30 SYNTH LOOP 124 
  • 15 VOICE LOOPS 124 
  • 20 EFX 
  • 20 BASS SHOTS 
  • 20 CLAP SHOTS 
  • 20 HAT SHOTS 
  • 20 KICK SHOTS 
  • 20 PERC SHOTS 

Producers everywhere are always looking to get their hands on the best samples available, and Minimal Deep Tech (Affiliate Link) package is somewhat of a holy grail find for anyone who specializes in techno, minimal, deep-tech, and other styles with a similarly open-ended and creative attitude. These samples are like colors on canvas: the possibilities are truly endless and it’s all about your vision.

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