Cybernetic Techno by ZTEKNO

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 20 May 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Cybernetic Techno by ZTEKNO

With Cybernetic Techno sample maker ZTEKNO continues the series of complex and unique sample packs that are not similar to any other.

CYBERNETIC TECHNO (Affiliate Link) – Our world is developing rapidly and we are experiencing more and more on ourselves, even if we do not want it, or we wish it more and more, changes and development of everything around, even if these changes are not so noticeable. We are becoming increasingly attached to new, more convenient functions and technological solutions. Many of us know that sooner or later we will plunge very deeply into a new, Cybernetic space, but we should not be afraid of it, or resist it: it will and will bring new opportunities and new sensations.

ZTEKNO wants to remind you that you can hear their samples, also in CYBERNETIC TECHNO (Affiliate Link), insets, and live performances of such stars of the Techno scene as Enrico Sangiuliano, Nina Kraviz, Adam Beyer, UMEK, Sasha Carassi, Brennen Grey and more!

ZTEKNO – Cybernetic Techno Full Demo

Of course, in CYBERNETIC TECHNO (Affiliate Link) sample pack, as in ZTEKNO other products, you will find everything for the convenience of producing your new tracks: these are wet and dry versions of loops, several variants of drum loops, which are gradually revealed and used beautifully and easily, many sound effects and midi files, as well as many options for bass and synth lines, and much more.

In detail, expect to find in CYBERNETIC TECHNO (Affiliate Link) 2.18GB of content, with each Wav and Apple Loops component recorded at 24Bit and 44.1kHz. 973 samples are divided amongst 8 Live Inspiration Kits,1  Live Set (Ableton Live 9.7.5+),50 Acid Loops,60 Analog Bass Loops,30 Analog Bass (MIDIs) Loops,120 Synth Loops,60 Synth (MIDIs) Loops,24 Chord Loops,80 Full Drum Loops,80 Top Loops,20 Fat Kick Loops,20 Percussive Loops,12 Stab & Chord Shots,20 SFXs,20 Ambience SFXs, 10 Sweeps Up SFXs,20 VST Synth Patches (Arturia Pigments 2, VPS Avenger 1.5.5),20 Vox Samples,60 Claps\Snares,30 Kicks,30 Open HiHats,30 Close HiHats,30 Percussions,10 Crashes,20 Rides.

All samples are processed by ZTEKNO analog equipment:

  • API 2500 Stereo Compressor
  • API 3124V Discrete 4-Channel Mic/Line Pre
  • API 560 Discrete 10 Band Graphic EQ
  • API 550b 500 Series Equalizer
  • Pultec EQP-1A
  • Pultec MEQ-5
  • Studer A820
  • Analog Delay Machines

This collection CYBERNETIC TECHNO (Affiliate Link) expands effortlessly over 2.18GB of content, with loops, one-shots, MIDI, VST Synth Patches, and Ableton Live Set.

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