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POLAMIX Module a 3-Channel Attenuverter/Mixer for AE Modular

Tangible waves launched a new CV Utility Module.

The POLAMIX is similar to the 2CVTOOL in that you can offset and -/+ attenuate CV signals, but it also acts as a 3 channel mixer. Try to use this with 3 LFOs for modulation mayhem!

The three inputs are routed to corresponding knobs, where the center position means a level of zero. Turning the level knob to the right increases the level of the input signal; turning it to the left, the level is also increased, but inverted. E.G. when feeding a sawtooth signal to the input, you can get either a rising or falling signal at the output. And this for each of the three inputs. Finally, with the offset knob, the total level can be shifted up or down.

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Pricing and Availability

POLAMIX is available now at the AE Modular / Tangible waves shop.

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