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QUANTIZER Module – Automatic Pitch Quantizer Following Musical Scales for AE Modular

Tangible waves launched a new and long awaited quantizer Module.

The QUANTIZER takes four different CV inputs and processes them in a way that the CV values “snap” to the exact values so that oscillators controlled by the outputs of the module play the notes of a selected musical scale. With an encoder one of 16 scales can be selected and is displayed in a text display,

There are 4 independent channels that are quantized to the same selected scale.

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As an additional feature, the module provides a trigger signal for each channel on every change on the output CV.

Finally, with a switch the scale selection can be “frozen” so there is no accidental change possible.

Pricing and Availability

QUANTIZER is available now at the AE Modular / Tangible waves shop.

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