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Sound Dust Releases Pendleonium4




Pendleonium4 by Sound Dust

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Sound Dust Releases Pendleonium4

After a period of evolutionary advancement, Sound Dust launched the new PENDLEONIUM4. Compared to the Version 3 Sound Dust did redesign the control panel. The modern look is clear and deliberate and the layout of instruments and functions is intuitive and user friendly. A total of 6 sampled source instruments are arranged left to right across the main panel – two baritone guitars, two infinity guitars, Spring Viola, and an additional instrument based on samples created with a vintage Roland Space Echo.

Sound Dust Releases Pendleonium4 1
Sound Dust Releases Pendleonium4 3

Each individual source instrument comes with considerably improved editing tools, offering wave shape, ADSR, effects, and volume. To the right of the instrument panel is a dedicated editing bay offering yet more capability. Here you will find reverb and delay sends, reverb, rotor, EQ, and dirt for gnarly lo-fi effects.

A second interface window can be opened for velocity and round robin.

The best thing about the Pendleonium4 is playing it. With its unique sounds and easy editing, Pendleonium4 is an absolute pleasure to perform and tweak as you go. It must be stated that this instrument is not attempting to sound like anything else or even to offer any faithful reproduction of its source instruments.

It is a Pendleonium and as such, it sounds like only a Pendleonium can.

  • Baritone Guitar x 2 – amped through custom Laney VC15 valve amp – 2 articulations clean plucked and edgy plucked – 4 velocity layers
  • Tape Baritone Guitar – recorded wet through Roland Chorus Echo RE501 with lots of chorus
  • Fernandes Sustainer Infinite Guitar x2 -amped through custom Laney VC15 valve amp – 2 articulations clean plucked and edgy plucked – endlessly looped
  • Spring Viola -mic-ed and pushed completely wet through a noisey Vermona RetroVerb spring reverb.
  • 700 24bit mono samples = 1.53GB with Native Instruments propriety compression
  • Note Jitter – randomises note on/off timing , velocity values and tuning between articulations
  • Chord and Key quantise – selectable to fix scale and chord type across all keys
  • Sample start and loop length control per instrument (except infinite guitars)
  • BPM synced pan and volume modulation per instrument
  • BPM synced vibrato and chorus per instrument
  • 24 custom convolution reverbs per instrument
  • 4 fully controllable insert effects – dirt, eq, rotor, phaser and master algorithmic reverb
  • 2 fully controllable send effects – delay and algorithmic reverb
  • Keyboard Velocity and Round Robin modelling page
  • 79 instrument snapshots
  • Handy build in instructions in RTFM page

Pricing and Availability

The FULL version of Kontakt 5 or above needed. PENDLEONIUM4 will load into Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don’t buy this if you are using the free Kontakt Player. The price of PENDLEONIUM4 is £35/$45/40€ (inc VAT) and comes with an instant download.

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