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Magic – Arcane Forces – Sound Effects by BOOM Library

BOOM Library pulls you into the sound-world of Magic – Arcane Forces! BOOM Library’s newest sound effects library grants you ultimate spell power when designing sounds for Ads, films, trailers, tv, and games.

From black powder, fire in motion and potato cannons to fireworks, hot air balloons, and twisting rockets on 200m ropes – BOOM Library’s goal was to capture real-world sounds that were often mangled and morphed physically, giving them an otherworldly quality. To go beyond the ordinary whoosh or bang, BOOM Library brought tons of for maximum mixing options and applied various forces and momentum to our sound sources.

BOOM Library had several studio recording sessions where they created interesting textures, applying movement to various materials – like smashed glass inside pieces of cloth – and processed them.

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The most impressive recording site was an enormous electric testing facility with a 30m high ceiling and gigantic installations, like a tesla coil, Jacob’s Ladder, and an ion-burning fire wheel! Electric energy is essential for any magic library – so why not knock it out of the park with thousands of volts at your disposal.


MAGIC – ARCANE FORCES Construction Kit not only equips you with over 11GB of pristine source recordings to build deep, complex and iconic magic sounds; it also pushes the boundaries when it comes to applying force, motion and physical morphing to recorded sound sources.

Add to that a range of heavily processed, forceful sounds as well as otherworldly sweeteners and you will be creating top-range sounds for combat magic action scenes, magic in general, and even other fantasy or sci-fi genres with ease.


Imagine a fierce duel between two archmages on the peak of a thundering mountain, exchanging relentless blows conjured out of thin air while the world around them collapses in a clash of blazing fire, deadly ice and unleashed energy.

That’s what MAGIC – ARCANE FORCES Designed sounds like.

Not only designed for filmmakers and trailer editors, MAGIC – ARCANE FORCES has booted up old friends and familiar moves from the gaming world – buff, debuff, teleport, lots of whooshes, impacts and more. Featuring different sizes, lengths, qualities (such as arcane, divine, and cursed) and plenty of variations per sound, the Designed version is convenient to work with and ready to use in many scenarios.

Pricing and Availability

Magic – Arcane Forces is available with a 20% intro discount until June, 11th 2020.

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