Istanbul Qanun by EarthTone

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 27 May 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Istanbul Qanun by EarthTone

EarthTone proudly presents their release “Istanbul Qanun” (Affiliate Link) which contains professionally played incredibly rich, traditional and complex melodies which is allows you to discover world of Qanun!

Istanbul Qanun by EarthTone 5

“Qanun” is a member of the stringed instruments and has the form of a trapezoid-shape, the shape serves the purpose of adjusting the length of the strings. The strings of qanun are plucked by a ring-shaped plectrum placed on the index fingers. On the left side, there are pegs also known as “burgu” which are used to tune the instrument. The Turkish qanun consists of 24, 25 or 26 sets of strings of two or three strings each (generally giving a total of 75) also features special metallic levers called “mandal” on the left side. This features was not present until the 1870s.

Istanbul Qanun by EarthTone 6
Istanbul Qanun Naked Demo

On contemporary Turkish qanun, there are six to fifteen mandals for every three strings that the performer can alter quickly when playing. On the right end of the instrument, the strings are stretched over the bridge called “esik” made of lamb or fish skin. The instrument is played on the lap while sitting by plucking the strings with two picks –one for each hand- made of tortoise shell. It is a unique instrument with a bright timbre, a wide range of sound colors and pitches. It is actually known as the loudest plucked string Turkish instrument; therefore, it can easily mask the sounds of other instruments in the ensemble. Qanun is like the queen of Turkish art music and it is essentially used in art music and fasil ensembles in Turkey.

In detail expect to find 701MB of raw content featuring 95 beautifully played “Qanun” loops at 80/100/110bpm and includes a dry version (w/o any additional e.q, compressor or reverb effects) and wet version of each, giving a total of 190 files. All loops are Key and tempo labeled for ease of use. All sounds are ready to fit straight in your tracks.

ET IQ Istanbul Qanun 194x99 1
Istanbul Qanun by EarthTone 7

This instrument can be used accompanying other instruments and perfectly usable in variety of musical genres whether you’re producing world music, ethnic & organic folk music, experimental, cinematic, ambient, meditation, live lounge, electronica or even hip hop also suitable for film score, documentaries and media compositions as well – the only limit is your imagination!

Istanbul Qanun Demo
Istanbul Qanun by EarthTone 8

Please Note: This is a “Qanun” pack ONLY, other sounds contained within this Demo are for illustration purposes only.


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