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SAWVOX Module a Nasty 8-Bit Synth Voice for AE Modular

Tangible waves launched a new nasty 8-bit voice.

The SAWVOX module is a “complete” synth voice with two sawtooth oscillators. It includes a filter, and a VCA, all accomplished digitally with a tiny 8-bit microcontroller. The oscillators are detuned by a fixed rate to get a more massive sound and can be switched to a single oscillator. I ordered two modules to layer them for an even fatter sound)

Of course, due to the limited resources of the processor, the sound has the typical 8-bit lofi char, but the CV tracking is quite fine, and it can find its place in a lot of patches. All parameters can be CV controlled, eg. filter frequency and resonance.

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The module is based on a simple 8-bit microcontroller and an adapted design of Jan Ostman.

Pricing and Availability

SAWVOX is available now at the AE Modular / Tangible waves shop.

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