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Heavy MidTempo Bass by Freaky Loops




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Heavy MidTempo Bass by Freaky Loops

Freaky Loops release ‘Heavy MidTempo Bass’ (Affiliate Link) contains over 1.66GB of materials perfectly fits every dimension of Bass Music!

Heavy MidTempo Bass by Freaky Loops 5

This monster sample pack ‘Heavy MidTempo Bass’ (Affiliate Link) brings you a rare collection of instantly usable loops and samples, that will surely add a dose of energy into your projects!

You will find everything from heavy drops to insane build-ups, pounding drums and speaker cracking drum fills to brain scratching glitches, hard-hitting bass- shots to mind-bending melodics, slammin’ kicks to menacing percussions and much more… totally fresh and previously unheard sounds just waiting to drop in your creative hands!

Heavy MidTempo Bass by Freaky Loops 6
Heavy MidTempo Bass Demo

In detail ‘Heavy MidTempo Bass’ (Affiliate Link) includes 314 Loops at 100/105bpm and 546 Oneshots. Loops folder contains 54 Drops, 16 Drum Builds, 23 Drum Fills, 138 Drum Loops, 76 Melodics and 7 Vox. Oneshots folder comes with 244 Bass Hits, 39 FXs, 11 Glitches, 140 Melodics, 18 Vox and 94 Drum Hits consist of 11 Claps, 14 Cymbals, 9 Hihats, 24 Kicks, 7 Percussions, 20 Snares and 9 Toms to create your own sequenced beat – All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility.

Heavy MidTempo Bass’ (Affiliate Link) is perfect for Moombahcore, Glitch Bass, Dubstep, Heavy Electro, Breakbeat, Midtempo Electro, IBM, Nu Beat, Future Bass, EDM and more. If you are looking to create some serious havoc on the dance-floor – then better to check this pack out!

Heavy MidTempo Bass by Freaky Loops 7

This pack contains enough material to keep you busy for days. Go ahead and see for yourself!

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