Vocal Megapack 10 by Audentity Records

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 3 June 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Vocal Megapack 10 by Audentity Records

Vocal Megapack 10 explores a new fresh sound, a mixture between Nu- Disco & Pop and amazing vocalists make this pack an excellent addition. For the 10th installment of Vocal Megapack, the Audentity team has been exploring new genres and sounds such as Disco and Nu-disco.

Audentity also worked together with a new breed of talented vocalists coming from all the world and recorded in our Audentity Records studios. With 4 complete acapella and 4 kits filled with an amazing amount of detailed tones and melodies.

The kits have been spread and split up in different categories including Music Loops, Bass Loops, Vocal Phrases, Drum loops, and more. The pack contains 4 Acapellas, split up in 16 Vocal Leads, Harmonies and Backings, Full & Main Vocals, 78 Vocal Phrases, 16 Vocal SFX, 60 Music Loops, 13 Bass Loops, 39 Drum and build Loops, 42 MIDI files, 13 SFXs, and 38 Drums.

All loops are key and BPM labelled for better usage.

Vocal Megapack 10 Details

  • 32 Wet & Dry Vocal Stems & Vocoders, Backing Vocals
  • 4 Acapellas
  • Backing Vocals & Vocal Chops
  • 78 Vocal Phrases
  • 16 Vocal SFX & 13 standard SFX
  • 60 Music Loops (wet & dry)
  • 13 Bass Loops
  • 39 Drumloops, 4 Fills, 38 Drums, 14 Synth & 8 Bass One Shots
  • 42 MIDI Files

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