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Tube Modulator Updated to v1.2.1




Audiority TubeModulator GUI

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Tube Modulator Updated to v1.2.1

Tube Modulator has been updated to v1.2.1 fixing XY Scope reduced frame rate and introducing XY Scope Display Modes, selectable via right-click on the XY Scope. The effect plugin is an analog Modeled Vintage Modulations Plugin.

Audiority TubeModulator GUI
Tube Modulator Updated to v1.2.1 3

Tube Modulator is a collection of several tremolo, vibrato and spatial position effect circuits ranging from the late ‘50s tube bias tremolo to the late ‘60s psychedelic vibe pedals.

Tube Modulator spatial effects includes a panner, a rotary speaker and a wide stereo “wow & flutter” simulators. A wide XY scope will show you the current amplitude and spatial position modulation to get instant feedback of your settings. Tube Modulator is Colored by Design, adding a great amount of warmth and color to your signal.

Tube Modulator v1.2.1 (May 2020)

  • NEW: XY Scope display modes
  • FIX: XY Scope reduced framerate


  • 7 Tremolo / Vibrato modes
  • 3 Spatial Position effects
  • 11 Waveforms LFO
  • XY Scope
  • Parameters Linking
  • Tempo Sync
  • Colored by Design

Pricing and Availability

To update you can download the demo installers form the product page or from your User Area account

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