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This is the second release of the community firmware for the GRAINS module of the AE Modular system from tangible waves. Mathias has added numerous additional firmware modules which you should definitely try out for yourself.

You can either download each zip file individually or download the release zip file which contains the whole lot.

For installation please refer to the GRAINS module manual.

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This release has 10 assets, visit the release page to download them.

  • ByteBeat-Xfade.zip
  • Grains-BufferShuffler.zip
  • Grains-EnvelopeFollower.zip
  • Grains-Euclidean-Palindrome.zip
  • Grains-LoFi-MultiFX.zip
  • Grains-MIDI-out.zip
  • Grains-Morse.zip
  • GrainsSpellOrSpeak.zip
  • Source code (zip)
  • Source code (tar.gz)
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