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Yamaha DX7 Cartridge AI Generator

The Yamaha DX7 is a classic synthesizer often cited as the sound of the ’80s, thisdx7cartdoesnotexist.com uses a specially trained AI to create completely novel preset cartridges. The Yamaha DX7 has a total of 155 parameters, the AI uses a machine learning model known as a VAE that reduces these 155 parameters down to just 8.

The model can then choose these 8 numbers randomly and map them back to the full 155 parameters of the DX7, it has learned to do this by training on a large selection of presets compiled by Bobby Blue.

Screenshot 2020 06 05 at 14.11.08
Yamaha DX7 Cartridge AI Generator 3

Each cartridge is generated in real-time by sampling 32 sets of the 8 VAE parameters and compiling them together in real-time. The model generates 99.9% unique voices and so it is highly unlikely that any two cartridges created on this site will be the same.

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When you are on a MAC you can use the dexed – FM Plugin Synth to load the cartridge.

dexed FM Plugin Synth
Yamaha DX7 Cartridge AI Generator 4

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