ELMYRA a Sonic Exploration Synthesizer

Elmyra is a platform for sonic exploration inspired by the widely beloved Lyra-8. Elmyra is based on the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0 Express microcontroller. Its 10-bit audio resolution already gives it a wonderfully gritty sound, and this circuit adds some nasty analog distortion to it. The synth runs on USB power and you can easily build it yourself.

ELMYRA Front Plate Options June 2020
ELMYRA Front Plate Options June 2020

Whether you build or purchase it, you may be interested in the PDF manual.

Pricing and Availability

I ordered myself a Build Unit which is shipping to me next week, you can order different states of the Synth, depending on your skills to build your own DIY Synth. Or like me save time and order a build Elmyra.

To order ready the latest instruction on the process, now June 2020 you are asked to send the payment by Paypal to admin@neutral-labs.com and include your address for shipping (shipping is 5 € within Germany, 10 € within Europe, 15 € overseas).