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Loopmasters – Blunted Beats




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Loopmasters – Blunted Beats

Loopmasters are proud to present Blunted Beats (Affiliate Link), a heavy-duty foray into modern hip hop trends. You’ll hear infusions of trap, drill, and other current rap sounds in this carefully crafted care package for beatmakers across the globe, all 100% royalty-free.

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Blunted Beats (Affiliate Link) will have you immersed in a soundscape of twisted melody, slamming drums, abnormal synths, and fathoms-deep 808 basses. Over the course of a monumental 1.40 GB, you’ll find a great variety of energy and timbres that have been produced to an incredibly high standard in order to work harmoniously in any contemporary beats you’re working on.

With loops rolling out between 140-146bpm, you’ll find inspiration for all your hip-hop, trap, future bass, drill and EDM productions, alongside any other urban styles that you’re making.

In detail, expect to find in Blunted Beats (Affiliate Link) 1.40 GB of content, with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 37 bass loops, 32 pad loops, 32 synth loops, 25 full drum loops, 25 kick snare loops, 25 hat loops, 20 synth bell loops, 20 synth lead loops, 20 synth keys loops and 20 synth pluck loops, 8 percussion loops and 6 piano loops. Also included are 93 drum hits and 8 synth multis.

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