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Prime Loops New 3GB Soul Bundle




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Prime Loops New 3GB Soul Bundle

Prime Loops are proud to present ‘The Soul Bundle‘ (Affiliate Link), their Flagship Collection with over 3GB of our Signature Soul Sounds to give you that Raw, Live & Organic Soulful vibe.

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Styles included in the ‘The Soul Bundle‘ (Affiliate Link) spanning across Vintage 90’s RnB Soul, 70’s Live Soul, 80’s Retro Synth Funk,  African Funk & Afro Soul, Motown styles, and Latin Funk, just to name a few!

Soul Bundle Packs

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Prime Loops New 3GB Soul Bundle 13

Prime Loops has recorded dozens of fantastically talented session musicians here in a variety of styles. This truly is a full spectrum ‘The Soul Bundle‘ (Affiliate Link), bursting with warmth and good vibes.

The Soul Bundle Download Contains

Prime Loops New 3GB Soul Bundle 0003
Prime Loops New 3GB Soul Bundle 14
  • 6 Soul Packs by Prime Loops
    • Mighty Soul
    • Soul Pop
    • Space Funk
    • Afro Funk
    • Soulful Funk
    • Latin Adventures
  • 24 Bit WAV Format
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • 3.33GB

Soul Pop

Prime Loops soulpop

Prime Loops is proud to present Soul Pop (Affiliate Link), a unique selection of modern Soul, R&B and Neo-Soul samples, deeply inspired by artists such as The Internet, Daniel Caesar, Ravyn Lenae, Jorja Smith, Janelle Monáe, Tom Misch, H.E.R, FKJ, SZA and many more.

Inside this Soul Pop (Affiliate Link) sample pack you’ll find 340MB of cutting-edge Producer Tools, featuring live bass loops, silky-smooth chords, melodic synths, funky guitar licks, groovy drum loops and plenty of drum and percussive One-Shots!

All of the sounds & samples in Soul Pop (Affiliate Link) come in high-quality 24 Bit WAV Format for full clarity. With tempos ranging from 80 to 115BPM, each file has been acidized so that it will change to the tempo of your project, allowing for ultimate flexibility when using these samples.

Mighty Soul

Prime Loops mightysoul

Dust off your soul and get ready to funk things up with a fresh helping of crate-digger’s delight! Mighty Soul (Affiliate Link) is the brand new construction kit library fresh from Prime Loops’ vinyl loving minds.

Inspired by warm vintage Soul sounds this unique producer toolkit encompasses the essence of this supreme genre and explores its dynamic deviations, from Funk to Disco, Motown, and even a touch of Rock!

Producing Hip Hop? This pack of construction kits is perfect for extracting those cracking vinyl drum breaks!

Scratch away at the surface of Mighty Soul (Affiliate Link) and you’ll find a truly inspired collection of classic vinyl inspired song kits. Featuring no less than 16 sweet song kits plus one dedicated folder of crackling vinyl effects, this super retro Soul sample pack is supplied in highly refined 24-bit high definition sound quality and you drag each track from your download folder and drop it straight into your DAW!

Space Funk

Prime Loops spacefunk1

This funk-fuelled pack brings you the best of 80’s funk sounds; from sweeping synths and funky guitar jams to spaced-out keys and mesmeric talk box leads.

The Space Funk (Affiliate Link) pack is broken down into instrument folders; supplying you with funky basslines, groovy drum loops, wah guitars, string melodies, warm keys, and talkbox leads. Everything you could need for instant inspiration to get the funky vibes flowing. This pack delivers perfect retro-infused sounds, but with modern-day production techniques, for ultimate impact, in high-definition 24 Bit WAV format, compatible with all major DAW’s and designed to be as flexible as possible.

Afro Funk

Prime Loops afrofunk

Afro Funk (Affiliate Link) by Prime Loops delivers a huge collection of funked out Afro-Latin rhythms and vibes, bringing a fresh mix of flavours to your productions.

Originally evolving out of the Afrobeat movement in the late 1970s, Afro Funk takes influence from West African music such as Highlife and Yoruba, and combines it with Funk grooves and Latin rhythms to create a unique, colourful sound. 

Featuring over 938MB of uplifting Producer tools, this vibrant sound pack is made up of expertly played live instrumentation, professionally recorded through high end Outboard gear and a vintage 1970’s Tascam console.

Typical for the Afro Funk genre, instruments include Trumpets, Saxophones, Guitar, Bass, Keys, and a variety of Percussion instruments. Also featured is a collection of funky drum breaks and beats, expertly produced to complement the live instrumentation.

Soulful Funk

Prime Loops soulfulfunkbg2

Delve into the Soulful Funk (Affiliate Link) pack of swung drums and funky bass loops, warm keys and melodic vibes. This retro-infused pack will be sure to infuse some swing, musicianship and soul into your productions.

Inside you will find crisp and funky Drum Loops, including variations of each pattern, crunchy and rhythmic guitar loops, as well as instrumental phrases, featuring dirty guitar leads, cascading harps, drone swells, and flute leads. Alongside this there are a selection of walking and picked precision basslines, rhythmic percussion loops containing congas, bongos, cowbells shakers, and a selection of immaculately cut one-shots, from drum and percussion hits to chord hits and heavily delayed FX.

Latin Adventures

Prime Loops latin adventures

Set across 15 Latin & Bossa Nova inspired Construction Kits, this authentic Latin Sample Pack (Affiliate Link) is based around a selection of classic Flamenco style guitar stylings, backed-up with rhythmic percussion, jazzy piano licks, melodic strings, drums, brass, bass guitars and more; this sample pack is guaranteed to get you cracking open a box of Cuban cigars!

Inspired by the likes of Buena Vista Social Club, this sample pack is sure to get your hips swinging! Whether you want to create a full-blown Flamenco inspired track, or just add a touch of Latin sophistication to other genres, there are 114 loops and samples here that are sure to hit the spot.

Pricing and Availability

This exclusive specialty ‘The Soul Bundle‘ (Affiliate Link) contains 6 of Prime Loops very best soul sample packs, and all at an unbeatable price!  Have a listen to the demo mix to get a feel for this limited edition offer.

The Soul Bundle‘ (Affiliate Link) is a mammoth 3.3GB pack, and 1,433 files, taking years to record & curate. You will find tons of original inspiration when you download this unique offer.

Prime Loops New 3GB Soul Bundle 0002 1
Prime Loops New 3GB Soul Bundle 15

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