PlugInGuru’s Unify Key Enhancement Released

PlugInGuru launched the next version of Unify. In the latest 1.1.3 PlugInGuru added new MIDI FX, Reverb & more enhancements.

Unify is flexible and fun to work with a plug-in for working with MIDI effects, Instruments, and Audio effects in a sleek “Unified” single-screen interface! The plugin comes with 505 patches and over 3.5GB of samples from PlugInGuru’s 12 unique and awesome sample-based libraries that were originally found in libraries for Omnisphere 2.

PlugInGurus Unify Key Enhancement Released
PlugInGuru's Unify Key Enhancement Released 3

Unify 1.1 – is the biggest and strongest update to date. Version 1.1 brings 2 new MIDI Effects to the family: MIDIBox and JitterBox. 4 new reverb audio effects are also added in this free update along with interface enhancements and a bunch of new capabilities!

Seamless Play is one of the coolest things added – you can now right+click on any patch and load it INTO your existing patch and it will do this with no audio glitch! You don’t really need playlists or a Live button when you can seamlessly load ANY Patch using ANY PlugIn at ANYTIME into Unify 1.1. It’s a complete game changer!

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PlugInGuru's Unify Key Enhancement Released 4

Pricing and Availability

This is a FREE UPDATE to all Unify owners ready in their account. Unify sells for $79.