DABRO Music – Apocalyptic Ambient Guitar

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 4 June 2020
  • Time to read: 1 min.

DABRO Music prepared a new, amazing kit for lovers of live guitar music, beauty and sadness electric guitar sample pack. The atmosphere of empty cities, abandoned places, darkness, anxiety and loneliness all can be immediately used from Apocalyptic Ambient Guitar (Affiliate Link).

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You will get authentic melodies and harmonies, chords in different genres with an absolutely unique sounding of all the nuances of living guitars. You will also get lots of additional single chords and strokes that will help you to create a gloomy atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world in your tracks.

Apocalyptic Ambient Guitar (Affiliate Link) is a delightful collection of guitar samples from DABROmusic which was recorded in their studio by means of the popular electric guitar model’s and analog effects chains.

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Apocalyptic Ambient Guitar (Affiliate Link) pack contains over 200 guitar loops from 60 to 90 BPM which are ideal for use in Melodic Dubstep, Future Bass, Liquid Drum And Bass, Ambient, Post Rock, Soundtrack, Downtempo, Trip-Hop and any atmospheric compositions.

In detail expect to find in Apocalyptic Ambient Guitar (Affiliate Link) 987 MB with 285 individual 24 Bit WAV files. 230 Dry-Wet Guitar Loops and 55 Guitar Hits.

DABRO Music - Apocalyptic Ambient Guitar 6

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