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Industrial Strength – Hard Dance Bundle




IndustrialStrength HardDanceBundle 1000 X 1000 web

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Industrial Strength – Hard Dance Bundle

This is another one of the Insane Industrial Strength Bundle pack. The newest Bundle (Affiliate Link) is geared up for Hard Dance production. 

IndustrialStrength HardDanceBundle 512 web
Industrial Strength – Hard Dance Bundle 5

Hows 80% off the retail price for 23 full sample packs?  In fact it’s Crazy. When times are tough this bundle will get you through those days at home making music.

6 HDB 194 X 99
Industrial Strength – Hard Dance Bundle 6
4_TD Audio- Melbourne Bounce Demo

Happy Days are here again. Hard Dance Bundle (Affiliate Link) is 100% License Free. Everything you hear in the Demo Tracks is included in this mega bundle and way more. This Hard Dance Bundle (Affiliate Link) can only be found on The home of industrial Strength Samples.

Splurge your self with a ton of Kick Drums, Percussion, Synths, Leads, Drops, Pads, NI Massive presets, Spire Presets, Production Kits, Fx, Drum Shots, Bass Lines Leads, Vocal Snips, Midi and more. Like a lot more.

Just think about using loop-cloud with 23 Full sample collections. Experience Loop-cloud with industrial Strength Hard Dance power under the hood.

Hard Dance Bundle (Affiliate Link) would normally retail for 385.85 GBP. Now for a limited time, only you can get this production bundle for a reduced price.

7 HDB 628 X 75
Industrial Strength – Hard Dance Bundle 7

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