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PMSFX Summer Sale – 40% Off




PMSFX Summer Sale

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PMSFX Summer Sale – 40% Off

I can only recommend te PM: EVERYTHING BUNDLE which offers and includes the Entire PMSFX catalog in one bundle. You get all the libraries PMSFX released so far. At 40% off a stellar deal.

PMSFX Summer Sale 2
PMSFX Summer Sale – 40% Off 3

PM: EVERYTHING BUNDLE includes thousands of high-quality sound effects (48-192kHz 24Bit) recorded with top tier gear (Sennheiser, DPA, Sound Devices, Ambient, Sony, etc) and processed with some of the best plugins and outboard on the market. All SFX have baked-in Soundminer’s metadata.

Pricing and Availability

Use the code: PMSFXSUMMER2020 to get 40% off on all orders or save $1160 on the everything bundle and get it for only $240 ($1400 value). Normally the bundle is offered at $399.99 (ALL PACKS INDIVIDUALLY: $1400)

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