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SFXtools – Droids

SFXtools – Droids (Affilate Link)

Need sound effects to bring your small robo-friend to life? We are here with the “Droids” features a collection of futuristic sound effects designed for Cinematic productions, games, apps and more.

ST DR SciFi Droid UI 1000x512 web
SFXtools - Droids 4

Droids (Affiliate Link) includes 61 high-quality sound effects ready to drop into your upcoming project that you’re working on! Contains selection of droid interface and communication sounds such as system activated, stop, upload, bleep, load, select, warning, notification, confirm, menu etc..

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SFXtools - Droids 5
Droids Demo

Every sound in Droids (Affiliate Link) designed and delivered in industry-standard 24bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today’s cinematic production needs. Just take a look and filled the missing part of for your project.

SFXtools - Droids 6

Droids (Affiliate Link) perfect for any kind of science-fiction, space-fiction, epic adventure, mystery and fantasy production. Also suited for cinematic productions, trailers, film audio, short-movie scores, commercials, documentaries, advertising and background music.

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