Spectrum 2 a Multichannel | Spectrum | Analyzer

Schulz Audio’s new plugin Spectrum 2 is a multi-channel spectrum analyzer that enables you to investigate the frequency content of your mixes. Spectrum 2 assists you to discover conflicting frequencies and to freshen up your mix. The plugin supports input from various channels: just drop an instance at each point in your signal chain you want to measure.

Zero Routing

Spectrum 2 uses the multichannel technology of Oszillos Mega Scope. Simply insert Spectrum 2 anywhere on your signal chain and the instances will find each other. Of course properties like track name and colour will automatically be used if you DAW supports this.

Spectrum 2 Features

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Spectrum 2 by Schulz Audio Is Out 2

Pricing and Availability

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If you already own a Spectrum 1 license, you will see an “Upgrade” button after logging in on the Spectrum 2 page. Click it to get your personal upgrade offer. After the upgrade your Spectrum 1 license will remain active – so you will be able to use both simultaneously.