Plugin – Audiority Green Reaper GR9 Overdrive Pedal

Green Reaper GR9 is a faithful analog modeled simulation of the *Ibanez® Tube Screamer™ TS9, a historical overdrive pedal of 1982.

The first incarnation of the Tube Screamer series, the TS-808, was first released in 1979 and hand-wired by MAXON® engineers, who have been Ibanez’s production partners until 2002.

This pedal quickly became wildly popular due to its ability to deliver one of the smoothest and most responsive overdrive tones ever with just three controls. That’s why, still today, this is one of the most cloned and modified pedals ever.

Audiority carefully modeled the original pedal and added some goodies, including several modified versions of the circuit, to further shape your guitar tone.

Audiority GreenReaper GUI
Audiority Green Reaper GR9 Overdrive Pedal Plugin 2

Pricing and Availability

Audiority Green Reaper GR9 Overdrive Pedal is available now, the intro price ends on July, 31st 2020