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Rankin Audio – Full Spectrum Hip Hop




RA Full Spectrum HipHop 1000 web

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Rankin Audio – Full Spectrum Hip Hop

RA Full Spectrum HipHop 512 web
Rankin Audio – Full Spectrum Hip Hop 4

Full Spectrum Hip Hop (Affiliate Link) is the latest installment from sample pack heavyweights, Rankin Audio. Focused this time on a serious dose of hip-hip drama and cinematic power. Big strings, emotive piano chords, soaring leads, vocal chants and upfront drums. This pack is perfect for anyone looking to create some real big-screen magic with either a Hip Hop feel or a full-on Hip Hop experience. 

Packed to the brim with amazing melodic loops, each one with an accompanying midi file to make them perfectly adaptable and expendable for your project. One-shot drums are plentiful to help you dive deep into the genre and get the most out of the pack. Everything you need to cook up something special for some vocals, or as the backing to some great visuals or just as an instrumental is in Full Spectrum Hip Hop (Affiliate Link). 

Rankin Audio Full Spectrum Hip Hop
Rankin Audio – Full Spectrum Hip Hop 5

The sounds and loops in the pack are not just perfect for Hip Hop though, they would sit amazingly under some Drum and Bass, Jungle, Garage, or beyond. Rankin Audio always does it’s best to offers something that can sit as a resource for years to come and offers unrivaled usability. Full Spectrum Hip Hop (Affiliate Link) is of course, no different. Full Spectrum Hip Hop is here and ready to inject some pressure into your DAW

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