5Pin Media – Mid Tempo Bass House

5Pin Media HQ loves their Bass, so for all, you Bass headz out there, they are extremely proud to present Mid Tempo Bass House (Affiliate Link).  

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Mid Tempo Bass House (Affiliate Link)is not for the faint of heart and comes in at the heavier end of the bass music spectrum drawing inspiration from heavyweight artists such as Rezz, Jacknife, 1788-L and Black Tiger Sex Machine.

Mid Tempo Bass House (Affiliate Link) features ten projects that have been produced with the greatest attention to detail hosting Acid-WAV, MIDI and Serum Presets for maximum flexibility. In total there are 194 stems, 223 one-shots, 115 Music MIDI files and 80 Serum Presets across the ten projects. 

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Use the projects in whichever way you choose – remix, mashup, strip-back, edit, re-sample, the possibilities are endless at every level – most importantly the key to getting great results lies in the source material being of the highest track release quality.

All content is 100% royalty-free! Audition the demo to experience the quality on offer – grab your copy of Mid Tempo Bass House (Affiliate Link) now and start work on your next Mid Tempo Bass masterpiece!

Key Features:

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