Electra EQ DSP Version 1.5.1

The hardware Electra EQ set a high standard for fast, smooth, punchy equalization, and the Electra DSP’s precisely modeled filters embody that spirit flawlessly. The high shelf is surprisingly flexible, the bass reaches down to the floor. But those midrange filters have a magic proportional-Q, the more you boost the tighter they get. They’re so articulate, they can make drums sound like they were tuned and even mic’d differently.

Electra EQ DSP Version 1.5.1
Electra EQ DSP Version 1.5.1 is Available 2

And now it has been freed from the iLok dongle!


Electra is arguably the most colorful eq in the world when it comes to adding a retro, papery ‘note’ to kicks and ‘crack’ to snares. Experiment with aggressive (9db) boosts on frequencies you wouldn’t normally think to boost, especially in the 300-500Hz range (where most people cut), and 600-900Hz range (where most people do nothing). There’s a lot of character in those frequency spaces, and having one element or mic in a drum mix with those frequencies pushed hard can add a very cool, very non-modern grain to an otherwise sterile or generic drum sound.

Pricing and Availability

Electra DSP’s newest version is available here.